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Key Features

View real-time location of your vehicles, via GIS map nationwide.

Fuel Sensor, to check fuel theft, contamination and usage.

Thermal Sensor, to provide instant alerts for high and low temperatures in thermal sensitive cargo.

Establish routes and rules to alerts, and/or report on route deviation.

Track mileage, Track actual mileage through GPS @ + - 2%. Make timely maintenance check-up with periodic
mileage transmissions.

Measure distance from key on to key off, and report generation by driver and/or vehicle.

Generate a range of MIS reports, these can be made available on demand to pre-scheduled and pre-defined
address within the organization. MIS Reports Include: Vehicle History, Work-Time, Fuel Usage, Extra Stoppage
Time and Extra idling, Harsh Braking/ Sudden Acceleration, Summary of Entire Fleet.

Alerts for various mechanical warnings, including low oil pressure, high water temperature, brake light failure,
low battery, brake oil, tyre, door, hood etc.

Instant Alerts when a certain compartment (or series of compartments) is opened. Vital for critical high value

View the vehicles from anywhere anytime, through an internet connected device (PC, PDA etc) via a password
protected web site.

Vehicle operating status, provided at each transmission, including Ignition on/off, current speed, accurate
odometer reading etc.

Speed Restrictions can be placed to a pre-defined speed in a specified area and/or warning to the driver and/or vehicle
can be stopped.

Geo Fencing allows you to designate an area with a virtual fence. Alerts will be active if the vehicle is leaving/entering/not
entering/not leaving a specified area.

Programmable Events can be defined to transmit and act on complex events e.g. Activating the horn and transmitting
data simultaneously when the tanker truck unloads.

Security Related Features

Complete security system with different logic states to detect break-ins and immediately raise alerts.

Gradual stop function is also available where the vehicle can be stopped by sending pulse to the immobilizer or fuel pump.

Jamming Protection, put to usage in case of Anti-Jammers placed for communication disruption.

Emergency Button, support for emergency button to invoke an immediate high-priority transmission to the center.

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5 Digital Inputs are usually applied for Ignition Emergency, Doors, Arming, Disarming.

1 Pulse Counter is used to measure odometer or any pulse generated by an external device.

2 Analog Inputs, each can be used simultaneously for two different tasks. e.g. With Temperature Sensors and Fuel
Measurement can work without putting an extra device or sensor.

CAN-Bus Connection enables you to connect directly to your vehicle and gather maintenance information like Odometer
Readings, Engine Performance, Brake oil, Balance. etc. using CAN-Bus Protocol.


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