i:Track: A leading example of putting your employees first!

written by Zubair Chopra
3 · 13 · 21

i:Track India is saddened with recent events in this world related to Covid-19. We offer our sympathies to those affected and offer a helping hand to those in need of help. Covid-19 has affected our lives, but most significantly, those of low-income wage workers around India. People are without food, medical attention, covid-19 equipment and most importantly, jobs. They have no money.

From our side, we have done everything that we could have done to protect our employees when they were absolutely vulnerable. With individual’s loosing their job left right and centre, not one i:Track employee lost their job. Instead, they were given 2 months advance salary, did not receive any pay-cut and were also given ration multiple times. To compensate for this, senior management took pay-cuts of up to 35%.

Our employees are the backbone of this organisation and the reason as to why we have reached success in recent years. We will continue to be there for them for their hard work and sweat, which makes this organisation a true family.



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