i:Track: A Real Promoter of Gender Equality

8 · 16 · 20

“i:Track India is proud to acknowledge that we are one of the few organisations in India which fully believe and contribute to gender equality. For some, it’s a corporate social responsibility objective and for some it’s to look or sound good. But the main
issue is that no one or no entity takes real action to eradicate such an issue, at least within their own network. We, take action.

We fully believe in promoting, both, men and women. In all our factories around India, our male and female workers are payed the same wages and given the same bonuses and incentives. In addition, workers are given monthly seminars on the
importance of working collaboratively, instances where women and men both have collectively inspired organisations to success and how working in teams can significantly improve their overall productivity.

We will continue to find ways and introduce programs into the organisation which promote team work, but also substantially focuses on gender equality.



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