i:Track begins 2021 Click-For-a-Tree Initiative!

written by Zubair Chopra
3 · 13 · 21

i:Track India is proud to announce that we have begun a 2021 Click-For-A-Tree Initiative which will largely focus on planting trees in the Manesar (NCR) area for each new follower gained on a web 2.0 platform. The aim here is to demonstrate the importance we place on giving back to our society and environment, promoting a more sustainable world among younger, upcoming masses. As a business, of course, our focus is more on the transactional elements. However, that does not mean, we cannot focus our efforts and energies in contributing to our planet and the environment we reside in.

This initiative will continue each year in different locations of India, particularly in areas which have dangerous levels of pollution such as Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. We hope our fellow businesses, professionals and young individuals can take example of this initiative and contribute to a more ‘green’ world.



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