i:Track: Helping Cold Chain in the fight against COVID-19

written by Zubair Chopra
3 · 14 · 21

We are proud to be involved in the worldwide effort of eradicating Covid-19, with our Kylos and digital temperature sensors being used to monitor the real-time temperature and humidity in static vaccine refrigerators at health centres as well as mobile transport boxes for the delivery of the vaccine. Our devices, which are manufactured in Israel, have an accuracy of ± 0.2 °C, more accurate than any alternative offering available in the market.

In addition to these two, Lokies has been implemented by various cold chain organisations to maintain the access integrity of the vaccine consignments. Lokies provides them with a full log of where, when, by whom and for how long the consignments were opened for, reducing the chance of theft and counterfeit. Moreover, it allows them to assign varying levels of access to different users in different locations. For example, Mr. Ram can only open the consignment from 8-9am on a Wednesday in the Kundli warehouse, whereas, Mr. Sharma is given permission from 2-3pm on a Thursday in New Delhi to access the padlock. If somebody tries to tamper with the lock, it’s advanced fiber optics in the shackle identifies it and immediately alerts the regulating user.

We look forward to expanding our relationship with our current cold chain vendors and making sure the various covid-19 vaccines are made accessible to all.



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