i:Track teams up with CALCargo!

written by Zubair Chopra
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i:Track India is proud to announce that in September 2018, we signed a deal with CAL Cargo, a leading cargo handler, to commence a long-term partnership in creating excellence for their global operations, cargo services and customer solutions.

The deal involves the use of Kylos Air and Lokies which enables CAL Cargo to monitor, secure and track valuable shipments and consignments which are transported to over 100 international destinations. The products were first tested by their internal team, where Kylos demonstrated its unique capabilities, flexibility and highly accurate temperature, humidity, impact and light sensors.

Our technologies will create tremendous value by adding security, transparency and efficiency to their entire distribution network, whereas, there will be complete transparency for their customers too, a unique selling point in today’s environment. We look forward to this partnership and hope to expand it in the near future.



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