Kylos Air: Revolutionizing Airline Logistics!

written by Zubair Chopra
3 · 14 · 21

Air Cargo only accounts for 1% of the total cargo shipped in the world, however, it accounts for 35% of the total value. There have been pre-existing challenges in this industry related to theft, inefficiency, lack of operational effectiveness, lack of transparency and more, thus, organisations from this industry have always been on the look-out for technologies that can eradicate such headaches.

In recent months, Kylos Air has taken aback professionals and veterans within the airline cargo industry, with many citing Kylos Air as a “reliable, flexible and super smart” device which provides enhanced security for valuable cargo. It meets all regulations set out by the IATA and FAA, whereas, it has swiftly been approved by the likes of Swiss Air, Amerijet, United Airlines, CAL Cargo and more. The device is manufactured in Israel and consists of Intel Atom e3800 processors. It is simply placed inside and provides the real-time location of the consignment. It’s pressure sensors enable the device to switch off during take-off and switch on upon landing, meeting regulations set out by the FAA. The device also has advanced in-built temperature, humidity and exposure sensors. The first two help airlines/organisations monitor temperature sensitive cargo, whereas, the exposure sensor detects any reflection of light upon the consignment, immediately alerting you that your consignment has been accessed. Users have capabilities to set alerts and generate reports on virtually any requirement, whereas, they are also allowed to geo-fence international ports/destinations to know when and where their cargo reaches to ensure an optimal distribution process.

Adding transparency, security and efficiency to an organisation’s operations, Kylos Air is the ideal solution to track, monitor and secure Air Cargo. The reliability and accuracy of the device is unparalleled to any alternative offering available in the market.



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