Lokies: Redefining Security

written by Zubair Chopra
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Lokies is a keyless smart padlock, manufactured in Israel. It is made of explosive grade RFF material, consists of advanced fiber optics which identifies any form of tampering and provides a full log of where, when, by whom and for how long it was accessed. The lock can be accessed via Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM and even remote web access – simply through downloading a mobile application. 

The master user can assign sub-users varied levels of access in different locations during defined times. For example, Mr. Ram can only open the consignment from 8-9am on a Wednesday in the Kundli warehouse, whereas, Mr. Sharma is given permission from 2-3pm on a Thursday in New Delhi to access the padlock. You can have unlimited users, generate unlimited reports and gain full transparency on who accesses your products, reducing chances of theft and counterfeiting.

The padlock has started being implemented in a range of industries such as Oil & Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Cold Chain, Energy, Manufacturing, Logistics, Banking, Defense and more. Users are seeing quick returns on their investment as the padlock is enabling a more seamless, transparent and secure process for companies.



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