Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

The information our products collect includes direct data given to us by users
including name, email and time zone – information provided by the device such as
location, battery status, temperatures, vehicle status and statistical information. The
statistical information includes sensor accuracy and coverage quality.


We store 2 cookies (short data information) on your browser: one to identify the user
in a unique manner when the user switches between screens and one to store the
template the user uses to showcase the information once logged off. Blocking these
cookies on your browser will render these services inoperable.

How We Use The Information

The information we collect is used as part of our services to enable users to manage
their assets. In addition, we use the data to improve our application by analysing
user behaviour which helps serve customers better.

Where We Store The Information

The data is stored on two independent IBM cloud data centers located in the United
States of America and The Netherlands.


We have implemented various security measures to protect data while in
transmission and being stored. The information is transmitted through encrypted
channels i.e. SSL, cellular network and in-device protocol. The information is stored
on secure servers, behind multiple, overlapping layers of protection. In addition,
passwords are never stored on the server


Our services enable users to remove the collect information on their own through an
auto-generated command. Users can also contact us at anytime to have their
information removed.

Data Integrity

i:Track is aware of the importance of maintaining the privacy of businesses and
assure all users that their data is safe within the i:Track servers and are not misused.
Our software is developed in Israel with cutting edge technologies that provides
users with maximum data integrity and safety.