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Leader in Transmission and Distribution of Power

“We used Lokies to overcome persisting issues of theft of electricity cables, electronic meters and other valuable materials from our warehouses. Lokies helped in optimizing our inventory and staff by adding transparency and documentation within our operations. We can now assign authorised persons to open the lock by a mobile app at a given time and are alerted on where, when, by whom and for how long the padlock was accessed for. Highly recommendable to secure high value goods.”

Leading Explorer and Producer of Oil & Gas

“We have used i:Track for the last 10 years. They have helped us meet global safety standards for oil transportation. During oil transportation, we are able to monitor driver behaviour which includes harsh braking, sudden acceleration and over speeding to ensure the safety of the oil and drivers. In case of any irregularities, we receive instant alerts and can even define events upon which we are to be alerted, which helps us minimize damage and make quick decisions.”

One of the World’s Largest Oil Field Services Company

“We have been highly satisfied with their robust software for 9 years. They have enabled us to control factors like speeding, perimeters and engine operations of our 3 rd party cabs. The delays in employee pick up has reduced as every employee gets an alert on the phone when the cab reaches the previous pick-up point. This has enabled us to optimize our fleet movement by increasing efficiency of pick-ups and arrivals.”


Global Generic and Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

“For us the challenge has always been to ensure supply chain of our medicines in specific temperatures and to prevent theft and counterfeiting of our shipments. i:Track provided us with a cutting edge technology which ensured our medicine shipments were secure at all times. The Tetis R provided us with instant alerts on temperature deviation and at any time the shipment door was opened. Tracking the shipment, ideal shipping conditions and secure shipments is what iTrack assisted in delivering. Fantastic products.”

Prominent Chain of Pharmaceutical Chemists

“i:Track has helped us secure our distribution channels. We currently have seven vans that transport medicines to our shops. Through a combination of Tetis R and Lokies, we have been able to ensure that our medicines travel in the ideal conditions and are secure at all times, getting instant alerts on real-time locations, door openings and medicine deliveries. We also know by whom, when and where our medicines were accessed. Significant value and a quick ROI is what i:Track has provided us.”

Pioneer in CBD Health Products and Treatments

“As our goods are both high value and temperature sensitive, we contacted i:Track, which enabled us to have control on our moving inventory and ensured that our CBD medicines travel in the ideal storage environment at all times. We earlier faced several issues of the product deteriorating due to bad storage conditions and a lack of accountability, however, with their advanced temperature and humidity sensors, generating real-time alerts, helped us establish a secure shipping process.”

Non-Profit Pharmaceutical

“Our mobile clinics cater to rural India. The main challenge was an inaccurate manual reporting system. We received multiple complaints from villagers that our clinics did not visit on defined dates, whereas, our representatives marked otherwise. I:Track enabled us to track the movement of our vans and can set clearly defined timings of entry and exit of a certain area through the geo-fencing option. Whenever there is a deviation to the plan, we are alerted instantly. It’s great how one product alone has brought our operations efficiency and accountability.”

Provider of Sanitization and Disinfection Solutions

“The bio-material that goes into producing our disinfectant solutions have to be stored in a temperature controlled environment. We had purchased sensors from another vendor initially, however, it kept giving inaccurate readings. We then got in touch with i:Track, who have provided us with a brilliant solution which is extremely accurate and gives correct readings. This is critical for my business as it results in a more lean/resource conservative approach and gives me less headache on how my material is being treated.”

Banking & Security

A Pioneer in Commercial Security

“Our operations revolve around “Cash Management” and as an organization we are constantly on tenterhooks. With the implementation of “Lokies”, our cash management process has become secure. Lokies permits only authorized personnel in a pre-designated location to open the lock through a mobile app. When we had an attempt of unauthorized access en-route we got immediate alerts and were able to take quick action to prevent theft.”

Leader in Cash Logistics

“iTrack really does have a simple plug and play device. Kylos has brought my business multiple benefits, mainly the increase in level of security. My work has reduced as now I have an accountable and digital platform to manage such operations. I can check the real-time location at anytime while my cash collector is on the go to collect cash from metro stations till it gets deposited in the bank. It is saving us from irregular events/emergencies while enabling us to monitor cash transitions. We can now relax and let i:Track secure us.”

Leader in Cash Logistics

“We have been using Helios for more than 9 years in our Cash Vans. We found their stability with quality of hardware & software to be unparalleled. Their nationwide “after sales services” is an added advantage. We had marked all geofence for ATM / Banks on the application which keeps us on track for every entry and exit. Over the time they have added security feature by implementing Immobilizer and SOS button in case of any emergency. i:Track has helped us in managing timely Cash deliveries to ATM and reducing operational costs.”

Leader in Corporate and Private Security

“We tried using other vehicle tracking systems and they all failed over the long-term. ICICI bank then recommended iTrack to us and we have found the stability and quality of hardware and software to be unparalleled. We have been using i:Track for more than a year to monitor cash deliveries to ATM’s and bank’s all over the country. In the security business, we need an efficient and reliable product. iTrack has more than established itself as the most trusted and reliable name with this product and company.”


Fashion Designer

“We were helpless when our shipments en-route to stores were pilfered with and our designs were stolen and replicated. In an effort to eradicate these problems we tried many other vehicle tracking systems but in vain as they all failed badly on the deliverables. I:Track allowed us to monitor our vehicles en-route to stores and alert us during any opening of the backdoor during transit. I:Track promised a trouble free plug &  play experience and have delivered.”

Leader in Apparel Manufacturing and Exporting

“Our transport department has emerged as the most efficient, streamlined department with all operations transparent and documented. iTrack helped us save 21% of operating costs on our 200 vehicles. We were in a logistical nightmare with tampered odometers, unauthorized trips, frequent accidents due to rash driving, spiralling maintenance cost and private use of vehicles during off business hours. Through their device, we are no longer dependent on odometers. If our vehicles travel more than the average per day we get an immediate alert, whereas, the reduction in harsh braking and sudden acceleration has decreased our expenditure on maintenance and accident claims.”

Leading Manufacturer of Steel Bars

“A few years ago our truck was stolen at gun-point with high value material inside it. Through i:Track’s SOS command, quick response time from their service team and ability to see the real-time location of the truck, we informed the police and were able to recover the truck along with the materials inside of it. The best part about i:Track is how quickly they developed a strategy to help us in that situation. We are forever thankful to their team.”

India’s Largest Manufacturer of Striking Tools

“i:Track helped improve the efficiency of our production, distribution and warehouse management unit. 95% of our clientele is based overseas, thus, with the use of Lokies, we have been able to secure our high-value shipments at all times. The smart padlock is also used in our warehouses to maintain access integrity and ensure our materials are not tampered with. Assisting us in different stages of our supply chain operations, I would strongly recommend i:Track.”

Leading provider of Aluminium Doors & Windows

“We were facing big issues on the theft of our material from different storage sites. We could not identify whether this issue was arising internally or externally, thus, we implemented i:Track’s Lokies in 10 locations and the issue was instantly eradicated. We had a full log of who accessed our inventory along with when and where. Brilliant product.”

Steel Files Manufacturer in Finland

“We used i:Track’s container monitoring solution as our steel files are shipped to 16 countries in 3 continents. We knew where and when our container was accessed, being able to link any activity to a particular port. Expensive but worth it.”

Domestic Garden Tools Manufacturer

“Our goods are transported from our factories in Punjab to 8 sites in India, where they are packaged and distributed according to region. iTrack has ensured we have full time access on the location of our goods, also alerting us when an assigned individual has accessed the scheduled consignment through their innovative lock. We have not faced any issue with their products and their support team has been helpful.”


Leading Global Fast-Food Chain

“Our supply chain had been struggling with material and food quality degradation due to storage conditions that were not maintained in the set of parameters. We then implemented the Tetis R – which not only enables us to view the real-time location of the supplies, but also monitors the storage environment through temperature and humidity sensors. We receive instant alerts during irregularities, which helps us minimize damage and can now ensure vendors on the quality of our product and timely deliveries.”


A Breeding Operation for Chickens

“In the Poultry business, there is always a demand of temperature control and timely deliveries during transition of hatched eggs. iTRACK simplified my business by suggesting Tetis R, which not only gives me option of tracking my shipment, but also sends an alert when the temperature inside the container goes above or beyond the defined set limit. It also gives me an added feature of security of my shipment as I can get immediate alerts on the opening of the container’s backdoor. I would strongly recommend iTrack for those who want to secure their assets and goods.”

Leader in the Production of AgroChemicals

“As we operate in every state across India, we implemented iTrack’s Helios on our Area Managers vehicles. The software enabled us to significantly improve accountability and ensured our managers are where they should be, increasing their productivity. We were also able to reduce drive times, optimise routes and make their days more efficient through tracking the hours and miles put on the vehicle each day. Their device has ultimately led to increase in turnover of organization with saved costs and increased productivity.”


Leading Manufacturer of Construction and Mining Equipment

“We used Lokies in our production warehouses across India. We know by whom, where, when and for how long the lock was opened for – simply accessing the lock through GPRS or Bluetooth. It has created immense value for our operations by bringing transparency. We can monitor the handling of our resources and assign different levels of access to different users at different times, which helps maintain the level of hierarchal responsibilities we have with added accountability. We now have a sense of safety and can rely on their brilliant product to secure our valuables.”

Engineering and Infrastructure Company

“Our overheads for transportation were ever increasing and we were facing huge issues in our logistics operations with tampered odometers, unauthorized trips and frequent accidents. i:Track helped us with a plug and play device which helped us reduce 22% operating costs on our 250 vehicles across India. Helios was also installed onto our construction vehicles/equipment to monitor operating timings and productivity.”

Offshore Drilling Services

“We installed Helios in our construction equipment and machinery. The primary challenge we faced was a fall in the productivity of machinery due to a manual reporting process. Employees were reporting false operation timings which led us to allocate resources poorly. The device eradicated this issue and enabled us to review the exact operating hours and down time of each machine that resulted in more efficient drilling operations and better decision-making.”

Drilling and Mining Services

“With multiple mining sites in Chhattisgarh, we use Helios in our employee carrying fleet. We faced big issues of employees turning up late due to poor transportation planning which would adversely influence our deadlines. The device has helped craft a better transportation plan to ensure employees are always on time and that we adhere to timelines. We are also alerted upon a vehicle’s entry or exit of a mining site which has given us an added layer of transparency.”


Japanese MNC for Transportation Solutions

“i:Track has helped us significantly reduce cost and improve productivity in our vehicles. Orix has seen a 20% improvement in scheduling and 18% average decrease in fuel consumption with billing on actual kilometres run as per GPS. Orix being a service partner for Samsung service vehicles, our fleet maintenance has been simplified by the alert system which is being provided by Itrack. We are at ease because we now get alert in our mailbox prior to due date of servicing of vehicles. The unique “Alert management “ feature of the product is truly exceptional.”

Oil Transporting Leader in India

“We recently purchased 17 Lokies to secure our Oil Tankers which are distributed to our hubs. We were facing issues of poor performance from Chinese locks and high theft, however, with iTrack’s product there is zero theft whereas we are now being able to fully account for the oil being transported.”

Leading Cold Chain Logistics Provider

“We implemented Lokies on our nationwide fleet carrying goods such as pharma, fmcg and cosmetic products. It is important to our customers that we maintain leading security protocol due to the high value of their material. i:Track has ensured our fleet has added security, alerting us upon any unusual event and letting us grant permissions to our various delivery plant supervisors to maintain utmost safety and access integrity. They promised a “transparent” operation and they have delivered. Great products.”


Leading International Chain of Hotels

“We drastically improved guest experience and safety standards by using i:Track’s product. Old citizen’s and single women were given the option of an SOS button in our pick-up or drop-off vehicles which ensured their safety. By being able to track the location and mileage of the vehicles, we also prevented incorrect or private billing. We then implemented Lokies, which instantly secured our pantry and eradicated issues like theft of alcohol within our staff.”

Leading International Chain of Hotels

“We implemented Lokies which led to increased accountability in relation to supplies and safeguarded guest belongings. There was no more unaccounted use of resources, which helped craft a more efficient and lean approach. We also used their fleet management solution, which reduced costs on transporting employees and guest vehicles significantly. Our process has become substantially more cost-efficient thanks to i:Track.”

Flower Bar and Corporate Gifting

“We use iTrack’s technologies to monitor our delivery riders and mobile boxes our flowers are transported in. We assure our clients the best quality flowers, even as they leave our stores, which iTrack has made quite simple to ensure. They have also added tremendous value through facilitating timely deliveries and reduced slack and inefficient behaviour from our riders.”

Educational Institution

School of Higher Education

“i:Track enabled each parent to view the location of their child in real-time, which allowed us to improve child safety standards. Moreover, we managed to reduce costs through their fuel management option and improved the pick-up and arrival time of each school bus, which guaranteed students were on time. The geo-fencing ability helped ensure the school buses were not taking unauthorized routes or engaging in any unusual activity. From a safer process to improved efficiency, i:Track has really helped us.

Educational High School

“i:Track led us to significantly improve our child and vehicle safety standards, allowing parents to track the location of their child. Helios was implemented on all school buses and created a sense of trust between parents and the association. We were also able to reduce transportation costs by around 23% through their fuel management application, which also allowed us to monitor driver behaviour and engine operations.”

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