Reefer Management Solution

For refrigerated cargo, containers and vehicles.

Ideal Monitoring Solution

For refrigerated cargo, containers and vehicles.

The Tetis R is an ideal monitoring device for refrigerated cargo, vehicles and containers. Easily installed on the hinge of the container, the device provides the real-time location and alerts on the movement of the cargo.

Tetis R alerts the user upon any door opening/closing activity and has an in-built temperature, humidity, exposure and impact sensor. What makes our Israeli solution unique is that the accuracy is ± 0.1℃, more accurate than any other device out there.

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High Value Containers

Food & Beverages

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Industrial Chemicals


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Food & Beverages

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Industrial Chemicals


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Country of Origin of Tetis R?

The software and hardware are developed in Israel.

Can Tetis R be used worldwide?

Tetis R can be used worldwide with the use of an international roaming SIM card.

Who can use Tetis R?

It is an ideal solution for pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, industrial chemicals, consumer goods, perishable goods and cosmetics. 

Where is Tetis R installed?

Tetis R is installed on the door hinge of containers as it triggers an alert on the opening and closing of the container’s door. The device is portable and can be easily installed.

How long does it take to install Tetis R?

Tetis R is installed within less than a minute. Once the device is configured, users simply have to attach the device to the side of container door using its internal magnets.

What is the warranty on Tetis R?

We offer a 3-year hardware warranty, higher than competitors offerings. Our robust products outperform the alternative made-in-china solutions available in the market.

Can all devices be managed on one application?

i:Track enables users to track, protect and manage all assets on one platform.

How does Tetis R ensure ideal storage conditions?

The advanced temperature, humidity and exposure sensors enable users to monitor the movement, handling and storage environment of cargo. If the storage environment does not match your specific requirements, you will be alerted.

What is the accuracy and range of temperature?

Accuracy for temperature measured by Tetis R is ±0.2°C and it can monitor temperature between the range of −45°C to +125°C.

How do I monitor the data generated from Tetis R?

Users can monitor their cargo on i:Track’s online cloud software or the Olympia Tracking mobile application.

Can the reports directly be linked to my ERP software?

Users can directly download the data in csv format on their ERP software or alternatively direct raw data onto their servers.

Can real-time alerts be pre-defined according to my own requirements?

i:Track enables you to set and define specific events upon which you are to be alerted.

Will I be alerted if my specified temperature requirements are not met?

Yes, you will be alerted.

Can I see the real-time location of my cargo?

Users are provided with the real-time location and movement log of the cargo. Users can define events upon which they are to be alerted i.e. reaching/leaving a destination.

Will Tetis R show the location if not in direct sight of the sky?

Yes, it will show the location via cellular triangulation. Whenever the GPS location is not available, the device will show the cellular location from a GSM tower.

Will I get an alert if the container/vehicle door is opened or closed?

Tetis R alerts users when the door of the container/vehicle is opened and closed.

Will I get an alert if there is unusual impact to a fragile shipment?

Tetis R has an inbuilt accelerometer which detects any impact more than the defined value. It triggers an alert as soon as device identifies irregularities.

How frequently do I need to charge the battery?

The life of the battery is dependent upon the frequency of the communication from the device to the server. The Tetis R can typically communicate for 280 days on a 6 hour interval.

For how many days will data be stored on i:Track’s servers?

The data is stored for 11 months.

What should I do if I face an issue with Tetis R?

Contact A ticket will be generated against your query. If there is an issue with the device, an engineer will be assigned to get it resolved immediately.

Let’s talk about your pain points.

Let's talk about your pain points.